With a diverse list of clients including London based Hollywood celebrity family members, NHL, OHL, Fortune 500 CEO's, medical and music industry clients alike; today,  the opportunity calls upon you to join those who are already in the know. We are your definitive choice if you seek the optimal outcome with an evenly equaled experience.  You'll see!



To become a luxury brand, ÜBERPAINTERS has had to consistently execute client projects flawlessly. We are perpetually inspired by our sheer determination for optimal results. We have trained ourselves to ask ourselves a simple question, is  this​  the best that  this  ​can be? This question is what drives us . Invariably, our outcomes can not be outdone by any.

You are hiring career oriented painters that work every single day. Our clients have been paying us for years to become pros  and masters of this trade. Hiring us assures you that nothing is left to chance. Our brand is your assurance that we will  execute your project properly the first time and within the agreed upon timeline guaranteed or free.


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...We're THE BEST

It is not possible to have a better end result. Quality is a requisite for every single project  and we always deliver a first class job. We pride ourselves in our ability to constantly exceed even the most demanding customers' expectations. In fact  our outcomes are so great that the bulk of our business is client referrals. It is this which propels us out of bed daily.





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