As you may know, we have several dozen references from Google reviews. Since January of 2018, our clients have provided you many reasons to call us. Imagine you receiving such an exceptional service that it compelled you to tell everyone how great your experience was. We are this 'great experience'. We never request an money up front, we work in straight days to completion and we set a completion date. If we fail to complete your project on time and as agreed upon, we encourage you not to pay us. Now that's a commitment to excellence bar none. Call us today if you are seeking out industry professionals.

     "We receive high praise due to one very important reason... the reason being, is that we are exceptionally talented painters with a passion. We are a single team of painting professionals on every project, after project, after project. When you refer us, your colleague, friend or associate will meet the same team as you did. This is how we excel over all others!"                                                                                                                              Robert Dorn | 519.701.9636

     We don't need to pay franchise fees, to advertise, to pay website management fees or for the Better Business Bureau to pat us on the back. We own all of our company vehicles, tools outright and are in excellent standing with our creditors. So what you ask? So what is, is that you are hiring a well managed, debt-free company with your sole interests in mind. Our focus is on you and not on the bills that we need to pay. You are hiring experienced business and career oriented master painters with Robert Dorn as your sole point of contact throughout your entire project.  Please only call us if you seek an optimal outcome.

We virtually  always  answer the telephone.