- 5 Star HOUZZ Review By Homeowner - Wren Hen - 

       OnAugust 28th, we are started another elaborate two-storey residence with an attached business in the Bishop Hellmuth Heritage District. We have been hired to restore, seal and paint the entire exterior. The bulk of the work is wood soffitt, fascia, two (2) dormers, porch, vinyl siding and all wooden windows.  We performed wood repairs, nailed, screwed and glued heritage elements and sealed the entire perimeter whilst painting it all in one heritage 'designated' colour. This project was an extreme height and required a boom lifter for 3 days to ensure that we can guarantee the end result for as long as this client will own her property. This project was completed properly by 6 painters over 6 days.


- 5 Star HOUZZ Review By Homeowner - COAST GUARD LADY - 

      OnJune 27th, we started painting and restoring the exterior of a super cute cottage in Old North London. This amazing lady loves this home so much. She was keen on never having to repaint it again. With our exterior guarantee, she will never have to pay for another paint job. There will be a slight change of colour to match the new windows. Several previous and recent poorly prepped areas have failed and therefore require our expertise to maintain and to raise the value of the property. This will   be our 6th home in Old North London this Season. We are thrilled to showcase this beautiful home.

                         - 5 STAR Google Review By โ€‹The Homeowner - CATHERINE POULSON -

   A recent 2016 interior renovation prompted the owner to replace the driveway and to have the exterior completely repaired and restored. This client saw our law sign one street over while walking their dogs on Briscoe St. Once we struck a deal, we proceeded to pressure wash the entire exterior. All wood surfaces were machine and hand sanded whilst priming all the raw exposed wood surfaces with an oil primer. All gaps were sealed with elastomeric sealants. All loose planks were reaffixed and holes filled with wood filler throughout. The end-result was truly amazing that lead to more work on Askin Street. This project was completed properly in 4 days.



โ€‹- 5 Star HOUZZ Review From Homeowner - M.A BLAKE - 

      On May 3rd, we repainted the entire kitchen from ceiling to baseboards and all in between.  Starting at the foyer, all original blonde coloured fir wood / trim work, staircase, stringers, risers  and doors were painted out to white right up to the second floor common area landing. This included a powder room on the main floor. All walls and ceilings were also painted. This project turned a vintage home into a contemporary one. This project was completed properly in 4 days and all works are guaranteed against fading, peeling, blistering or cracking for as long as our client owns this property.

                                          - 5 STAR HOUZZ Review By The Homeowner - L STARR - 

    In the heart of Historic Bishop Hellmuth, on St. James Street resides this gem of a home built in the 1890's. Dr. Roberts and his wife are new to London.  They purchased a renovated home and chose to renovate the exterior on their own. We were hired to provide a facelift to all paintable surfaces. We used Dulux Diamond and Sherwin - Williams Rejuvenate on all wood surfaces. As with the Afonso project, the Sherwin - Williams Rejuvenate will prevent the old paint from peeling. We literally locked the old paint in with the new paint job. We were asked to restore the original front doors. We did this in spades.  This project was completed properly in 3 days.


โ€‹โ€‹- 5 Star Google Review From Homeowner - STEFANIE STOLZEL

     OnJuly 22nd, we successfully completed  another painted lady. Last Summer, for their friend and neighbour (Video available below), 6 houses down on the same street, we completed a similar painted lady project. Here, we restored two (2) gables, all wood soffits and fascia, a door frame, half round window, a dormer and an entire rear of house addition. We booked a Genie lifter for this amazing century (1894) home. This house required new woods and sealants thropughout. It was painted in three (3) Heritage and era specific colours. This project was completed properly in 4 days by 6 career oriented professionals.


โ€‹      On September 20th, we are restoring a Century Cottage style home on Richmond Street. The thousands of adhesive pads, vines and trunks will take 6 days (Currently under way as of Sept. 13) to remove wholly prior to wood repairs commencing. This project includes comprehensive vine removal, wood repairs and painting. The entire two-storey exterior is wood soffits, wood fascia, windows, shutters, doors, door and window frames including the walls. It will require our team of 6 career oriented painters 6 days to complete properly for a total of 288 hours. As with all projects, we are providing our client Gloria a lifetime guarantee against fading, peeling, blistering or cracking.   Full Video Available Upon Completion of Project.

    Owning a heritage or century home in London requires a higher level of maintenance. Like you, we also live in and have restored a century home (1928) for our family. We understand the difficulties and nuances associated therein. As the only upscale residential painting firm in London, our clients know that when it comes to the painting and to the restoration of your heritage home, entrusting it to รœBERPAINTERS is tantamount to a positive end result. We are proficient in repairing, maintaining and painting heritage and century-type homes. Our decade plus of consecutive experience in working on Heritage homes has given us the appropriate skill-set and knowledge to provide you positive end results. The call and quote are free.                                                                                                            

Management Does Not Smoke

                                              - 5 STAR Google Review By โ€‹The Homeowner - LEONA E -

     This historic cottage in London's Historic Woodfield had not been painted for over decade. Mostly, homeowners paint their homes every five years. Most do-it-yourself home owners will repaint a single room annually. We were asked to completely restore the wall condition back to new. The house having shifted throughout the years, there were cracks everywhere. This home has young children living there. The owners also understood the value of a quality paint. We all agreed that Dulux Diamond was the paint for them. Diamond is scrub-able and will not allow stains to penetrate. Best of all, when you wipe it, it will not burnish. This client has been a client for many years and we have received many referrals from them. This project was completed properly in 4 days.


      On October 17, we are starting another 2 storey Century Home. We have been hired to restore the  4 gables. The soffits and fascia have previously been wrapped in aluminum to hide the poorly maintained exterior. Rather than hiding the historical details with more aluminum siding, this new owner chooses to revive those decorative elements. We secured a crane so that the work can be performed properly. We will be screwing, gluing, nailing and replacing woods as required. This project will take 3 painters approximately 128 hours to complete properly so as to guarantee it against fading, peeling, blistering or cracking.    Video is coming Soon.



- 5 Star HOUZZ Review From homeowner - HELENA-SOULA MARSHALL - 

      On April 16th, we are painting a historical London landmark. The Selby homestead was built in 1940 and featured in Home & Garden London. To start, we are repairing and painting the massive grand ballroom and foyer. This home is being renovated by new, young owners to its former glory with new amenities whilst maintaining its charm in the Heritage style. Over many, we are proud to have been selected as the preferred painting contractor for these projects by the homeowner. An 'area-by-area' video will follow upon completion.  This first phase of the project will be completed properly in 3 days.


                                                                         -  5 Star Google Review By Homeowner - ALEX MEYER -

โ€‹     On April 26th, we restored a staircase to the second floor, painted two second story bedrooms, the second storey landing, all the trim work to the aforementioned and the foyer. We also sealed and painted a new staircase to the basement, a renovated basement bedroom, several new and century doors, ceilings and a large basement media room.  A video is in progress. This project will be completed as requested.


      On September 10th, we are starting another Wortley Village home. This is a neighbour of the two painted ladies, on the same street,  that we completed in the village over the past two years and the one above on July 22nd. Clearly visible to this client was the fact that we painted those two properties properly. This client wants their century old porch pillars, beams and several century old windows partially restored and some deck staining (Newer deck) in the back yard. We are excited to have been once again  recognized for our excellence in quality workmanship. (This home previously belonged to the Reverend of the Wesley - Knox United Church)


      On October 6, we are starting another restored Heritage cottage / home on Waterloo Street. A well-known and established London based real-estate broker recruited is father to completely restore the interior. We have been hired to beautify the exterior. Alas, for them, the faรงade and rear bricks have been painted. Failed attempts to blast the paint off,  due to aging and soft brick, curbed those wishes. We have been hired to continue the painting of the remainder of the brick and the entire house including 3 gables to their former glory with a crane. โ€‹All the surfaces are wood or brick. This project will take 6 painters, 4 days to complete properly for a total of192 hours for us to provide them a lifetime guarantee against fading, peeling or blistering.  Video is coming Soon.

GUETTER / HILDEBRANDT PROJECT - WORTLEY VILLAGE - Complete Exterior                                                  - 5 STAR Google  Review By The Homeowner - JUNA GUETTER -

     'A PAINTED LADY'  On Askin Street in Wortley Village reside two amazing women with vision, flair and attitude. Them both having traveled to San Francisco, Sabine and Juna knew that they wanted a 'Painted Lady'. How they were gonna get there, was to call รœBERPAINTERS . This five day project utilized a crane to make sure that all the second storey decorative features were properly scraped, sanded, primed and painted for a lifetime guarantee against fading, peeling or blistering with Sherwin - Williams Rejuvenate paints. This home had wood, vinyl, aluminum and metal elements. We made sure that each paint was the appropriate paint for each of those element in the specified colour. Throughout this project, the client took pictures and videos and built this before, during and after video for posterity. This project was completed properly in 5 days.


โ€‹โ€‹- 5 Star Google Review From Homeowner - ANDREW WRIGHT -

      On August 16th, we will be starting, possibly, London's largest exterior in Wortley Village. These new owners are purists and therefore sought us out to maintain and restore the woods.  We will be restoring and painting 27 wooden window frames, original wood storm windows, two (2) large porches and two (2) large gables on the facade. All the soffits and fascia are also wood therefore these will be done as well.  A large crane has been reserved for days to complete this project properly. The crane only fits on three sides, therefore ladder work at heights will also be required. A video will follow upon completion. This project will be completed properly in 5 days with London's most discerning career oriented painting professionals.

 - 5 STAR Google Review By The Homeowner - WILLIAM RUSSELL -

    It didn't take long to realize that this was going to be the most notable project of the 2018 exterior season. Painting your Historic Woodfield Home in two-tone green is brave. All loose stucco was scraped off. We repaired all the hairline cracks in the original stucco finish. รœBERPAINTERS applied Dulux Diamond Exterior paint on the main house and garage facade in Autumn Crisp. The board and batten in Dulux Wreath of Green. We used brushes, rollers and sprayers to achieve this perfect finish. Many neighbours stopped to observe and to discuss our process. This project was completed properly in 4 days.

7โ€‹      "Not much will bring you and your neighbours more pleasure than having us bring your century home back to its full beauty. Now, it's up to you to decide if your home is worthy of our high standards and of your expectations. Today you will be hiring mature career oriented people who are qualified to execute your vision!               Robert Dorn | 519.701.9636 | Updated: Sept. 15, 2019 @ 0746

WORTLEY VILLAGE NEIGHBOURHOOD - CENTURY HOME - COMPLETE EXTERIOR                                                                                                        - 5 STAR Google Review By The Homeowner - S ORR - 

     On July 12th, we started another exterior in Wortley village. This home was tired and the current owner completed the exterior repairs prior to painting. Last year, she parged the stucco, installed new windows and repaired the chimney. We have been hired to seal every crack and to repaint all sides including a dormer, trim work and doors. Her next door neighbour is an existing client of ours for whom we worked for earlier this year. This project was completed properly in 3 days. Dr. Jason Cheng from the video below - earlier this year, is the next door neighbour.


- 5 Star Google Review By Homeowner  - TAMMY ONEIL - 

    On  June 10th, we started another century home. It is not often that you find an original pebble dash and wood trimmed home that has never been updated in the heart of Wortley Village. Alas, this property fell into disrepair as it was a rental for decades with several owners. The new owner saw an opportunity and decided that it was time to bring this home into the new millennia. This project was a masive transformation as it required pebble dash, various sealants and wood repairs throughout all the levels. With rain every third day, we sought out opportunities to complete this project properly. This property is guaranteed against fading, peeling or blistering for as long as this client will own the property. This project took 3 painters 117 hours to complete properly.

CHENG PROJECT - WORTLEY VILLAGE                                                                                    - 5 STAR Google Review By The Homeowner - JASON CHENG -

     This freshly minted resident at LHSC bought this gem in the heart of Wortley Village. The main floor was recently renovated for resale. Alas, the second storey was not restored and it looked it. Awaiting his wife to arrive from Hong Kong, the homeowner started the renovation. He hired us to make sure that the walls were restored back to new. We machine sanded all the walls, trim work and doors. This made a massive difference to the end-result. Smooth, flat walls were the order of the day. Tongue-in-cheek, he referred  to this house as the crack house due to the vast amount of cracks. This crack house was quickly and effectively rehabilitated.  This project was completed properly in 4.5 days. S. Orr from July 12th above is neighbours with Dr. Cheng.