โ€‹โ€‹          It all started with the client who called us to paint their exterior and to clean and stain their log beams. In this tight gated senior community, several neighbours saw that we were performing the prep work properly. Within a day, this led to a second and then immediately, a third exterior project. Before the end of day three, word spread and we ended up painting for a fourth, fifth and sixth neighbour. We know people are watching us. Doing things properly is the sole reason that Robert Dorn created รœBERPAINTERS. We are London's Only Upscale Residential Painting Firm. You will also see the difference immediately.


    Much to the chagrin of the client, this two year old build did not take long to fail. It took a split-second evaluation to determine that nothing had been primed. This critical step is why 93% of paint jobs fail. Priming wood surfaces is an obligatory step prior to painting. Whenever possible,  รœBERPAINTERS uses oil based primers over water-based ones. Once we scraped and sanded every square inch, we applied Sherwin - Williams Prime RX. This product effectively locks-in the improperly primed surface. Other such products are Peel-Bond and Peel-Stop. We used a new Sherwin - Williams paint called Rejuvenate to make sure that nothing will ever peel. Weeks later, upon their return from Ibiza, this job led to the painting of the entire exterior of the main house.


'A PAINTED LADY'  On Askin Street in Wortley Village reside two amazing women with vision, flair and attitude. Them both having traveled to San Francisco, Sabine and Juna knew that they wanted a 'Painted Lady'. How they were gonna get there, was to call รœBERPAINTERS . This five day project utilized a crane to make sure that all the second storey decorative features were properly scraped, sanded, primed and painted for a lifetime guarantee against fading, peeling or blistering with Sherwin - Williams Rejuvenate paints. This home had wood, vinyl, aluminum and metal elements. We made sure that each paint was the appropriate paint for each of those element in the specified colour. Throughout this project, the client took pictures and videos and built this before, during and after video for posterity. It is super fun and it clearly shows us that they loved what we did.       So? Are you next? UPDATE: On May 2nd, 2019 we were hired to paint another exterior on Askin.

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹PARSONS PROJECT - WINDERMERE - Complete Exterior

   Our first notable 2018 exterior project turns out being an amazing start to our season for an amazing couple. Designed as a tone - on - tone - on - tone,  the end - result is truly simplistic and elegant. This 1970's home was not a vanity project. The steel railings were rusted and we used industrial PPG primers and paints to make sure that the end - result was a lasting one. We also used high - end masonry PPG elastomeric paints for the stucco finish. Since the house was designed to be in a Benjamin - Moore Pashmina colour, we decided to paint the railings in gloss, the aluminum trim throughout in satin and the faรงade in flat. The subtleties are just that; subtle! We used the Graco Jet Roller system which allowed us to warranty our work for the lifetime of their ownership of this home. You could be next!

    Virtually no one in London knows how to properly prepare exteriors for painting. Preventing peeling, fading and arresting rot and decay is extremely difficult and exacting work. Robert Dorn has committed himself to offering his clients an outcome which cannot be outdone by any other painting company in London. Not only will you be protecting your exterior, but you will also be raising the value of your home whilst being the envy of your neighbourhood. With lifetime guarantees, you will never have to spend another dime or deal with amateurs therein ever again.

     Prevail over others by securing รœBERPAINTERS to protect your exterior for once and forever more. 2018 was another exterior milestone year for us and our clients alike. Those who loved their homes got them painted by us properly. It's now September 2019 and we are already booked into October on several exterior projects with conscientious homeowners. Therefore, booking today is what you need to do to secure รœBERPAINTERS for a proper paint job.                                   Visit our Century Homes  page to view those exterior projects.

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    In the heart of Historic Bishop Hellmuth, on St. James Street resides this gem of a home built in the 1890's. Dr. Roberts and his wife are new to London.  They purchased a renovated home and chose to renovate the exterior on their own. We were hired to provide a facelift to all paintable surfaces. We used Dulux Diamond and Sherwin - Williams Rejuvenate on all wood surfaces. As with the Afonso project, the Sherwin - Williams Rejuvenate will prevent the old paint from peeling. We literally locked the old paint in with the new paint job. We were asked to restore the original front doors. We did this in spades. When the client saw the raw wood, she knew that she had hired professionals. We are London's only upscale residential painting firm.

Management Does Not Smoke

โ€‹     "Residential properties are completely different from commercial, retail or industrial ones. As you seek out a painting firm, you will find that mostly all London painting companies paint in every market. They are in business to make money wherever they can. At รœBERPAINTERS, we only paint in the residential market place.                         Hiring us, is hiring  people who are focused on your home!"                     Robert Dorn | 519.701.9636


    This established legal eagle had a vision. She decided to turn her red cedar pool house into a show piece. She loved the raw pine look but that ship had unfortunately sailed. Once wood is stained, it is financially prohibitive to restore wood back to the natural look. So, she decided that she wanted to remove one faรงade header beam and the adjacent pillars altogether. We removed those and built new pieces in lieu. We installed them and applied three coats of varnish atop it all. This project led to the further painting of a stucco storage hut. All exterior surfaces of the main house and the concrete pool deck in the fall of 2018.


    The interior of this Wortley Village home did not reflect the condition of the exterior. A recent 2012 interior renovation prompted the owner to replace the driveway and to have the exterior completely repaired and restored. This client saw our law sign one street over while walking their dogs on Briscoe. Once we struck a deal, we proceeded to pressure wash the entire exterior. All wood surfaces were machine and hand sanded whilst priming all the raw exposed wood surfaces with an oil primer. All gaps were sealed with elastomeric sealants. All loose planks were reaffixed and holes filled with wood filler throughout. The end-result was truly amazing that lead to more work on Askin Street. 


    The new owner informed us that this portico in the Bishop Hellmuth neighbourhood hadn't been painted since the mid 70's. What is truly remarkable is that this portico was in relatively good condition for being so aged. We were hired to bring new life to it. After we removed the vines, we thoroughly hand and machine sanded and scraped the surfaces. Once sanded, we used elastomeric sealants and an oil-based primer to further protect the wood. The client chose the black and white motif. This house used to be a rental and as such, Mr. Zhang hired us to the restore the condition of the walls to new and to then paint the entire property. We have an on-going relationship with this client and has continued to refer us to many of his clients.



    It didn't take long to realize that this was going to be the most notable project of the 2018 exterior season. Painting your Historic Woodfield Home in two-tone green is brave. All loose stucco was scraped off. We repaired all the hairline cracks in the original stucco finish. รœBERPAINTERS applied Dulux Diamond Exterior paint on the main house and garage facade in Autumn Crisp. The board and batten in Dulux Wreath of Green. We used brushes, rollers and sprayers to achieve this perfect finish. Many pedestrians and neighbours stopped to observe and to discuss our effective process. This project was an event with an outcome which cannot be outdone by any. Since completion, other Woodfield neighbours have contacted us to paint their homes as well.