This historic cottage in London's Historic Woodfield had not been painted for over decade. Mostly, homeowners paint their homes every five years. Most do-it-yourselfers will repaint a single room annually. We were asked to completely restore the wall condition back to new. The house having shifted throughout the years, there were cracks everywhere. This home has young children living there. The owners also understood the value of a quality paint. We all agreed that Dulux Diamond was the paint for them. Diamond is scrub-able and will not allow stains to penetrate. Best of all, when you wipe it, it will not burnish. This client has been a client for many years and we have received many referrals from them as well.

      "Our peers, friends and associates call us crazy for not requesting a deposit from our clients like others do. Admittedly, this ideology is to gain your confidence. It assures you that we will perform as discussed and agreed upon. If we don't, you don't have to pay us anything. This makes sense to us! How about you?"             Robert Dorn | 519.701.9636


     With a healthy budget, this bathroom was completely revamped by their contractor. As professionals and with a standing relationship, รœBERPAINTERS was invited by the homeowner to come out to complete this makeover. Every surface had to be water tight. We sealed all the surfaces and seams prior to applying paint. We used paintable silicone to seal every possible gap. The paint was mildew resistant and the outcome was  simply fabulous and worthy of one of London's most revered automotive business leaders. 


    Just having moved from Ottawa, it was time for this husband and wife doctor team to hire a professional team to paint their basement. They found one as we were referred to them by one of their peers at the LHLS. We struck a deal and completed this project over a Civic weekend. Our clients are always surprised that our schedule is 24/7 no matter if it's a Holiday or not. We don't abide to the days of the week like others do. We work to complete your project in consecutive days no matter what day of the week it is. Mrs. Gordon chose some Benjamin - Moore colours and we obliged her with her colour selection in the Aura line. 



    This client chose to paint their ceilings after having painted the walls. This is backwards. By default, the process of painting ceilings invariably splatters onto the walls. We had to cover absolutely every millimeter to make sure that no ceiling paint got onto their expensive furniture and hardwood floors. The lesson here is that, if you are considering the painting of the walls - consider also the painting of the ceiling first. Considering that we are already there covering everything, it is not that much more expensive to have us paint your ceilings in the same trip. Painting ceilings is a key part to an exceptional and high-end result.


    Using bright colours is always exciting for us. Most clients choose to work with neutrals in anticipation of the days that they will be listing their home for sale purposes. This client realised that it's paint and paint can be painted over. She was correct. She just bought this home and chose to live in it on her terms. We were hired to provide her a complete facelift by machine sanding all the walls back to practically new. We patched for an entire day to get the walls flat. This kitchen is indicative of our skill-set. We provide laser-straight cut lines and end-results which cannot be outdone by any other painting company in London.


     This 6 member family needed a new home. The patriarch's job requires him to travel throughout the entire Southwestern corridor and the USA. The family settled on Ingersoll as a good centralized location. This was the 3rd paint job for this 11 month old house. The horrible robin's egg blue had to go. This client chose 10 colors for their rooms. We had time, so it took 2 painters, 4 days to complete the entire house in 2 coats of paint. This house could have been painted in one business day if required. This client was our 48th, 5 out 5 Star Google review. You could be next.


Management Does Not Smoke


     This freshly minted resident at LHSC bought this gem in the heart of Wortley Village. The main floor was recently renovated for resale. Alas, the second storey was not and it looked it. Awaiting his wife to arrive from Hong Kong, the homeowner started the renovation. He hired us to make sure that the walls were restored back to new. We machine sanded all the walls, trim work and doors. This made a massive difference to the end-result. Smooth, flat walls were the order of the day. Tongue-in-cheek, he referred  to this house as the crack house due to the vast amount of cracks. Those cracks are no more as we restored them all quickly, effectively and forever. 


Having had built their home in 1989, this couple decided that it was time to start modernizing it. With a kitchen / living room and master bedroom renovation to commence in March, the office was first on the list. Oak is beautiful, but no longer contemporary for trim work. All varnished woods were sealed with the proper primers to prevent the top coat of paint from yellowing. Scraping the popcorn/textured ceiling off is always a messy endeavor. Ensuring that this mess does not migrate to the rest of the house was job one. All surfaces were covered and upon completion, the surfaces were wrapped up and removed offsite. This room and a dining room were completed in 2.5 days with no mistakes. This client provided us a Google review.


    For some reason, the client had a feeling that the wallpaper was covering up a disasterous wall. She wasn't that far wrong. When you hire a painting contractor to remove wallpaper, make sure that you protect yourself. First of all, make sure that there is a clause that states that you should revisit the quote after the wallpaper is removed. No one can see behind the paper. It has happened that a contractor will remove the paper and then hold you hostage to pay them more due to the fact that the wall is in poor condition. Or worst yet, they are blaming you for them having destroyed the drywall in the process of the wallpaper removal process. This is also why you should always get a quote and not an estimate.