Management Does Not Smoke


    "If you seek reasons, arguments or excuses for why your painting project is not done properly, on time or on budget, then you need to call someone else'"                                                                                                                                                                          Robert Dorn | July 2014

     "As a family oriented business, for us, painting is a lifestyle choice. Daily, my wife Elizabeth and I strive to be our best selves.  With over 100, of ONLY, 5 Star reviews, we effectively provide excellence on every project and for every client. This is what we do!  Tomorrow, you will be hiring  professional and mature painters who are at the peak of their career. Who will you entrust your home to? "  We are London's ONLY Upscale Residential Painting Firm.                                                                                                                                                                          Robert Dorn | 519.701.9636

1 - Unlike others, from start to finish, Robert Dorn is your sole point of contact.

2 - Unlike others, we are London's Best & Most Highly Rated Painting Firm with over 100, 5 out of 5 Star, Google & reviews.

3 - Unlike others, we ONLY paint residential properties. We are residential experts. There is a huge difference. You'll see.

4 - Unlike others, we NEVER request a financial deposit. Even if you insist, we won't accept your money until the very end.

โ€‹5 - Unlike others, we will NEVER bait-and-switch you by sending out sub-contractors, amateurs or trainees to your home. You are hiring           mature career oriented industry professionals who work with us!

6 - Unlike others, we ONLY provide quotes. Estimates are guesses. You just might be setting yourself up to pay more when hiring others.

7 - Unlike others, we are NEVER late to arrive at your home to work on your project.

8 - Unlike others, we COMMIT to an end - date. If we miss the agreed upon deadline, your paint job is free.

9 - Unlike others, we ALWAYS work on your project in consecutive days to completion. โ€‹We don't jump around from job site to job site.

10 - Unlike others, you will NEVER have to clean up after us. We respect you and your home wholly.

โ€‹11 - Unlike others, in writing, we GUARANTEE your completed project for as long as you own that property. Includes labour and materials.

12 - Unlike others, we are not investors who purchased a franchise. We are mature, responsible adult career oriented painters with                   decades of field experience who provide end results which cannot be outdone by any other.

โ€‹13 - Unlike others, we don't need to pay the BBB to recommend us. We have hundreds of real client references.

14 - Unlike others, we ONLY paint. We don't have time to shovel snow, install tiles or the like. You are hiring talented results-oriented                  professional master painters.

โ€‹15 - Unlike others, we ONLY provide high-end results which cannot be outdone by any. You'll see! Or it's FREE!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
16 - Unlike others, our management team does not smoke or conduct themselves inappropriately. We are a family first company.

   Best โ€‹Regards,

   Robert Dorn
โ€‹   519.701.9636