Applying any old paint onto your heritage home isn't doing you any favours. We only use semi-elastomeric paints that flex, shrink and expand. Providing you with enduring results is our raison d'etre. Call today; we are not becoming any less busy.

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If your heritage home requires particular attention, be sure to call us. Our professional painting services will keep your historical home beautiful for the upcoming generation. Our steadfast approach is well-managed and executed by professionals. Our reputation hinges on a positive end-result. If you seek out an exceptional experience, we are the only educated choice in town.

Over 500, 5-Star References. Who Will You Trust?

Providing Exceptional Painting Services to a Discerning Clientele.
We Are London's Only Upscale Residential Painting Firm.

​We Specialize in Painting Upscale Residential Properties.

Entrusted Since 2004.

We know exactly why paints on Heritage Homes peel and flake away. Our experience solves these problems for you effectively. A six-year accompanying warranty assures you that you hired the right company. You will be the envy of your street for many years to come. 

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"Why Would You Risk Hiring Amateurs?"

Providing enduring results on Heritage and Century Homes is a particular skill-set. While raising property values, we beautify and protect homes for the next generation with the magnitude of yesteryear allowed to shine through. Hiring us is the informed choice.
Painting the exterior of your home is essential for its maintenance and upkeep. Maintaining the exterior also raises property values and simultaneously improves your curb appeal. You call us if you want your home repainted within days. We have the reviews to prove that we're awesome. Why risk hiring costly and inexperienced amateurs who might upset you?

"Fall In Love With Your Home"                             ...All Over Again!

Years of experience working on Heritage Homes has given us the expertise and knowledge to handle the most challenging century homes. Not much will bring you more satisfaction than having us turn your 100-year old home back into the jewel it once was. We mostly use powered Genie cranes instead of ladders to make sure that your works are performed properly.

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